Many industries, such as oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and logistics, rely on smooth supply chain performance, especially those with operations in remote locations. With digital transformation, all industries are experiencing an unprecedented change to processes especially companies with remote areas. Due to said change, companies should be mindful when managing logistics remotely, as the tasks involved can be cumbersome around procuring, storing and transporting goods in more than one remote area. Remote logistics management provides functions for supplying materials from base locations to remote locations (e.g., offshore oil platforms). Workplaces around the world made a shift in the way they work in the spring of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down operations and offices around the globe.

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Emotional intelligence, especially across culture, requires teaching. Remote logistics particularly poses a challenge when you need to make arrangements for procuring, storing and transporting goods in more than one remote area. Dealing with the daily logistical concerns in each place takes a great deal of time. Inefficient logistical arrangements lead to wasted goods, as Kee-hung Lai and T. C. Edwin Chen say in “Just in Time Logistics.” For example, unnecessary expedited shipping wastes money, just as inaccurate forecasting of when goods are needed leads to unnecessary storage payments.

  • The company also maintains a list of countries from which it will not and cannot hire.
  • Overall, the previous tax advantages of these offshore companies are diminishing, and they can also lead to practical problems.
  • Essentially, you’ll need to establish your entities—and then hire everyone as employees through those entities.
  • Many other companies also adopted a similar strategy for their supply chain teams.
  • Precise steps for how team members can receive cash payouts or expense their benefits to their companies.
  • But we’ve been able to develop relationships that are not specific to a task or a project and still kind of maintain the independence that we are looking for in this type of work.

Pay is currently the subject of heated political debate, with one side pushing for minimum wage increases and the other arguing that COVID-19 subsidies prevent people from wanting to work. In the meantime, companies are stuck in the middle, with real shortages to fill. When hiring an employee for a remote position, ask yourself not only whether or not this person is a great fit for your company but whether or not they’re fit for remote work. In our experience, qualities of a successful remote worker include excellent communication skills, the ability to separate work from home life, and superb time-management, and confidence in self-directed decision making. One of the biggest HR risks that location-dependent businesses face is interpersonal conflict. That’s one of the reasons the human resources function exists—to prevent the potential for people-focused arguments, and lawsuits, before they have a chance to bubble up and disrupt core business operations.

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Companies would be well-served to look to these kinds of remote freelance professionals to help fill their logistics needs. With digitization taking hold in today’s uss express employer review business environment, companies expect faster time-to-market as they need to drive greater efficiency to achieve profitability while simplifying complex operations.

With insufficient options at home, U.S. companies may seek to hire foreign employees using the H-1B visa program. Companies can also look to more non-traditional sources for employees. Increased remote work arrangements and the rise of freelancers in the gig economy are affecting logistics hiring. With demand for logistics personnel continuing to grow, what steps are companies taking to fill the logistics talent gap and ensure that customer expectations uss express com review for timely delivery of their orders are met? We’re looking for people who are as excited as we are to maintain and enhance the world’s most extensive, global logistics infrastructure. At Choice, you’ll be surrounded by smart, ambitious, motivated people who embrace customer service, demonstrate a determination to succeed, and operate with a bias toward action. If you have something big to contribute, then we’d like to hear from you.