reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

Package delivery companies will never contact customers unsolicited via telephone call or text. Instead, depending on the carrier and if the customer signed up for notifications, an email may be sent within a secure online account. Online shopping has become more of a necessity lately rather than an occasional luxury. Naturally, this opens more opportunities for scammers to take advantage of the situation to fool consumers into giving out their personal information. This type of scheme also happens frequently during the holiday season. The courier company told me the gifts will arrive your country on the 21st of June but you can also be tracking it through the courier website below. I chatted with this guy named Alex something on Facebook for almost two months.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

I am so thankful that this warning popped up or I may have made a grave error. I was a victim of this company a few days ago! Even the man i was chatting for almost 3weeks, he was part of them. He will send u photos from offshore, he made me believe him, dont trust this namr KELLY JOHNSON.. I hope all of them will go to jail..

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Hello veryone I was almost a victim of his fraud, his name is samuel anderson living in london, have a small daughter and he even showed me his pic and this little girl. I met him on tagged as well and he spoke so well and full with charming words. Im so glad I read you guys comment before it was too late, this is what we need to understand do not send or give out your pesonal info on the net to no one who is prclaiming love to you until you meet in person.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

Even the man i was chatting foe almost 3weeks, hes one uss express job reviews of them.. Yes, i totally agree was a FAKE company.

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I need to accept it if not his mum will be disappointed. I asked him not to send cause I don’t want the things. The picture that he send to me it’s some biscuit, chocolate and some food but somehow he told me the things that he delivered it’s expensive. There are jewelry’s, watches, couple tees and some cash inside for me to help him donate to the old fox home and orphanage. But then the parcel arrived to Malaysia where I’m in Singapore. A Malaysia number call me and ask me to pay for $2250 to clear the tax for the parcel to send into Singapore to deliver to me.

  • However, things get suspicious quickly.
  • The company works well and they collected my parcel on time, however, I had to cancel one collection and they haven’t refunded my money after one month yet.
  • But a module to use OCR is what this needs.
  • Parcel is so easy to use and such a time saver I can’t suggest anything else, you can use your subscription on multiple devices and platforms and it’s only a few bucks a year!
  • Im so glad I read you guys comment before it was too late, this is what we need to understand do not send or give out your pesonal info on the net to no one who is prclaiming love to you until you meet in person.

Hr was fine with that but the next day. Yesterday, he said he will send uss express review me a gift as a surprise and a proof of his love (uuuhh cringe! 😂).

Wants to send me gifts and his documents through Swifts Courier but I have to pay a delivery fee. I told him I had never heard of such a thing, so am doing my research and came across this site. I think I am being scammed too, we started talking on tik tok and than on telegram, he was indeed charming. Said that he needs help with a brief case which has his important documents, and to get it to me. And now the courier company seeks £3000 for release, says it’s handling fees. I asked him to send the money to get his stuff, kept saying that his management tracks his movements.

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Whenever possible, use the customer service contact information or chat function within the account at the company. His con was "so we could be together once his retirement went through". When I googled Swift Express this site popped up and thought to investigate further. This person is using the name Sam William but I think he may have also be using Alfred Tyson as their profile pictures were identical at one time.

Besides, the document send me was a FAKE too. Be aware that your deposited consignment box has been registered into our computer data manifesto, and currently waiting for Delivery and Insurance coverage.

What’s more, I wish it were a one time purchase. I’m just received the call from this company today. They keep asking me to pay for the custom 2, 500USD . And I also contact person who sent me this parcel, he asked me to help.

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I have no complaints that are anything worth mentioning. As long as the subscription price doesn’t skyrocket, this will be my go to tracking app. I’ve used this thing for ages the fact that people are mindless enough to blame a tracker for their packages being stuck or lost in transit is ridiculous. Keep track of online purchases and expected deliveries.

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😉 I’ve read the comments regarding Parcel updating late, and I’m here to tell that’s a server issue with the carrier itself. For me personally there’s about a 15 min delay from the time a package is delivered to the time I receive notification. From my experience in using Parcel, this app is pretty fast compared to other apps in same category. Also you have to understand the units used to input delivery information are ran on cellular modems so depending on the cell phone coverage in that area will determine how fast that information will be uploaded. In my city we have a fiber optic infrastructure and pretty good cellular service in my area, so data moves pretty fast.

I emailed them and got explanation that my parcel has more weight. I know the weight of my parcel and I paid correctly. Strongly advise that you don’t never use this company. I bought uss express review insurance since this things happen and then they told me the package was not insurable so I got nothing. I can´t tell you much more, i do not want to make the story long.