Data rooms are well known for their ability to generate value for businesses which are getting acquired however, they also provide enormous benefits for companies that are seeking capital. A virtual Data Room is a central platform that lets you organise share, manage, and store the crucial documents an investor is likely to need to examine when conducting due diligence. This can accelerate the process of fundraising and provide investors with more confidence in the performance of your company.

Deciding what information to include in your investor information room is a daunting task for founders. Although the requirements of each company will differ, the majority of investors want the same things. This checklist of documents that you must include in your investor data rooms as well as some suggestions on how to organise them.

A simple PDF of your pitch, which you could keep in the same folder as the rest of your documents, is an excellent tool to engage investors quickly. It is also a great way to show investors that you are serious about investor communication and transparency.

By including past investor updates, it shows that you’ve always taken their feedback into account and are willing to share it with them even when the results have been difficult. In addition to proving evidence of your ability through a difficult time and provide proof of the deepness of your relationships with investors and help build confidence in the process of investing. The tracking feature within your Data Room helps you to monitor which investors are engaged with the documents and the time they’re spending in each folder. This will give you a better idea of the level of commitment investors have to investing and will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.