Writing compelling copy, shooting enticing photos, or even producing glamorous videos are all tactics we use to draw attention to our brands. It says nothing negative, but neither does it give any indication of professional strengths, skill sets, or even an area of expertise. This testimonial could be written for any number of entry-level jobs where “good personality” is the only prerequisite. In fact, it was provided for me by someone who hired me as a customer service rep at age 20. In a specialized field, it’s almost damning because it implies that the person who gave it noticed nothing about my job performance, results, or value added to the team. These is etoro legit are believable because they include real photos, the names of the clients, their jobs, and their location. (Basecamp once ran an A/B test that foundincluding the face of a happy customer increase conversion rates by 102.5%).

  • Hearing from a peer is a highly persuasive way to get clients to see how people with problems just like theirs benefitted from your page.
  • If the quote is enough to attain visitors, you may still click the video button to view the whole story of the customer.
  • As I mentioned earlier, you can share your thoughts about the experience here.
  • That’s why great testimonials also tell a story — one that inspires and motivates the people reading it.
  • When one has developed a career with defined expertise, testimonials should not mention personality traits like “bubbly” or “pleasant,” which have nothing to do with how actual work gets done.

Don’t bore your reader.Just like with articles and sales copy, only make your testimonial as long as it needs to be – not a word longer. The purpose of a long-form testimonial is to pack in more value and proof, not to make it as long as possible and bore your reader to death. Do a video or audio interview.This will set you apart from text interviews and add another layer of credibility. Make it professional.Any video testimonial is better than nothing, but professional testimonials are always more credible. Video testimonials are one of the most trustworthy forms of testimonial because it’s difficult to fake one that looks authentic.

Excellent B2b Website Design Examples +takeaway Tips

It also helps visitors determine whether they’re the right users for AWeber’s services. No matter who you are or what you sell, https://forexreviewdaily.com/etoro-reviews/ are a useful way to really increase customer trust.


After seeing all the customer testimonial examples, you may feel overwhelmed with the process of trying to obtain and post testimonials on your website. By earning and adding customer testimonials to your website, you’ll help convince more people to convert. To attract new visitors’ attention and make them trust the product quickly, this website uses contrasting photos that give fast evidence of the product working.

What Makes Testimonials Ineffective?

This template works well as a selling tool because if you’ve hesitated to buy, there’ll be others who hesitated for the same reason. By showing why you went ahead and why you’re glad you did, you help take away that same objection with others. It demonstrates a key benefit—getting more quote requests from a website is a benefit many website owners are interested in. Wrap up your testimonial.Remember to look at what you’ve received and make any changes if necessary so that it shows you and your product in a better light.


Video Forex are visually compelling, and they let visitors hear the benefits of working with your company without doing the work of reading. If you’re selling on an online storefront or have your own website, enable reviews. And if you’re a freelancer, then don’t be afraid to ask for those testimonials. Shopify’s testimonials page includes real examples of how using their service has helped small businesses grow. Consumer reviews– Consumer reviews are usually found on dedicated review sites, or as a built-in feature.

Video Testimonial Example #5: Content Allies

Have a solid testimonial request letter that can be sent to multiple clients at a time. To get you started with this process, check out some of our most effective email templates below for getting a customer to submit a testimonial. Do a “social media takeover” where they share their testimonial on your company’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. The end of the quarter or year might be another good opportunity to ask for a testimonial, depending on the types of projects you work on.

Videos are a powerful tool for businesses because they allow you to offer both multimedia and great copy at the same time. These are the four most essential characteristics of a great testimonial. Combined, they encourage the reader to identify with the testimonial writer. A good testimonial also helps the reader image what their lives would be like if they used your product or service. Since we usually follow people we trust on social media, seeing them recommend something really increases a product’s value and trustworthiness in their eyes.

Tips For Influencer Testimonials:

A testimonial often takes the form of a short quote, but it can also be a longer, more involved case study. Mobile creative company Shuttlerock has a separate “Case Studies” page on the website menu which, when clicked, reveals nine different case studies. Each article highlights a client in a different industry, which reveals Shuttlerock’s versatility and wide range of expertise. The featured image etoro com reviews in the posts depict the company’s logo, giving the page a sense of professionalism, credibility, and authority. Robyn Kurdas’ site is definitely one of the best website designs we’ve seen in a while. We specifically love the wacky, dynamic aesthetic of her ‘Testimonials’ section. A series of customer quotes, each with a different brightly colored background, reveal themselves in slideshow format.

Leads can read the example customer story and compare it to their situation to see if your company can fulfill their needs. Most customer testimonials would benefit from the inclusion of quotes. However, in the case of a tattoo studio, words don’t mean much without images to prove it. The featured customers appear happy with their new ink, and the number of likes each Instagram photo receives further communicates customers’ praise and approval. In this way, the testimonials page helps Anne build her personal brand. Success stories walk the potential buyer step-by-step through a specific transformation another client has made with the product or service.

How To Ask For A Testimonial

Paired with a large image from the trip, it helps give a sense of what the ride is all about. The quote, “Adventure riding on steroids,” uses edgy, casual language to directly appeal to their motorcycle-riding audience. Write good for people you hire, and ask the right questions to get good testimonials for your own work. A good testimonial is like a miniature story, describing how one person’s life improved after taken a course, hiring a coach or consultant, taking part in a workshop, etc.

The post can be written by someone who works for your company, or you can hire a guest writer to compose the post. The benefit of hiring an external writer is that the piece will appear less biased to the readers. Once completed, the post can be shared either on your blog or on another blog that’s popular in your industry.

Answering these questions in a testimonial is crucial for establishing social proof and provides an example of how your product can get the client where they want to be. Anyone looking at your https://www.cnbc.com/money-in-motion/ page can see things from a like-minded point of view, as all of your current and previous clients were once potential customers, just like them.