reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

Popular with consumers and small businesses alike, Sendle is a private courier based in Australia that specializes in parcel delivery at low, flat rates. They also recently launched in the United States, although online USPS shipping software still provides an overall better deal. After you finish the survey, you need to enter a delivery address and credit card details to claim the gift. The gift will never appear, and your credentials have been stolen by the scammers. In the past, UPS is notorious for leaving my packages at my neighbor’s house when my house number is prominent on the front of my house. On one of these multiple occasions, we had to move multiple packages one day that contained patio furniture from next door to our own yard.

reviews of a legitimate parcel delivery company

For some apartment deliveries you’ll need a third picture that shows the apartment number as well. I would get a rack with about 24 packages. You scan each package, identify where it is on your route, and then mark the box with a corresponding number. For instance, the first package in the route is #1, the 24th is #24. Then the best practice is load everything up in reverse order of where you will deliver. This is sort of a catch and release process. You can grab a route, and if it doesn’t look good, you do have an hour to forfeit the route and toss it back into the pool.

The FCC and FTC demand gateway service providers do their part to stop virus-related scam robocalls or face serious consequences.Learn more. Learn more about robocall and text scams and how to report them. We won’t post off-topic comments, repeated identical comments, or comments that include sales pitches or promotions. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. Please note that to track a package with Siri, you have to say a complete package name in your Siri command.

Price Was Good However Delivery Time

S4V6Y6B – Sendle driver picked up my expensive gas heater, after I paid delivery fess + extra for insurance cover. Sendle uses Fastway and Couriers Please to deliver so not really an fully operating courier company. This is not the first time that I have had a problem with this mob.

This isn’t the first time that spammers have used SMS to send out fake messages, but more people appear to be receiving this specific package delivery scam message. As the recipient of one such attack, we decided to open the link and see what exactly is being shared. WeDO NOT recommend you open the message or click on any links. Instead, you should immediately block the sender and delete the message. I’ve been chatting with him on and off.

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You can ask your local consumer protection agency if the import license is legal. I got same situation 6 yrs still being scammed. They said since my name is on airway bill im guilty of money laundering. They keep having me pay to keep from going packaging jobs from home to jail for money laundry. Another sure sign an email is a scam? If you hover over the link in the email, it won’t show the official website of the supposed sender — in this case, the U.S. Now you can quickly check package status using Siri.

  • First was the 50 minute wait just to get into the warehouse.
  • They presented a fraudulent shipping service and said that they delivered the package in my tiny mail box only big enough for letter.
  • The link may contain malware , attempt to collect your personal information for nefarious purposes, or otherwise contain harmful and/or illegal content.
  • After you fill out the survey, you are prompted to enter lots of personal information like credit card numbers before your gift can be delivered.
  • Instead, search for the website in Google or another formal browser and browse to purchase.
  • You can select a route and then view a tiny map that shows pin locations for the deliveries.

I think there’s a case where you could get more consistent earnings for those off-peak times and then transition into the dinner rush. There are some things that Veho does that I think some of the other delivery apps could learn from.

They say that a large sedan will work. I have to say, I was surprised how much of my Chevy Equinox glassdoor roku small SUV was filled with packages. I can’t imagine getting them all into my old Buick Century.

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However, I copy and paste because every comment here is malicious and deliberately defamatory. I didn’t see any requests for help in those comments, just insults and whining. Many online shops have similar pictures and prices, but they look too fake for me. As you know my email, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I don’t remember the last time I replied here, but I think you should be the last person I replied to on this platform. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation.

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Books the cheapest rate through other companies to ensure your parcel is last out of the depot. I run an ebay store and over the last 5 weeks have had issues with at least 50% of my packages.

Still, only after 9 days, they shipped me the package and I paid for express shipment 2-5 days should be here, here go 14 days of waste of my time and money. After contacting iparcel support they helped me out and gave me the local Greek number to call and it turns out the problem was from the Greek local courier service. Thank you for the quick assistance iparcel but please fix your tracking system.

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Please tell me your contact information if you are willing to be responsible for your comments. I will arrange for my legal department colleagues to contact you as soon as possible to obtain evidence. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE DELIVERY SERVICE. My parcel was literally just slung inside the foyer of my apartment complex, so anyone could have picked it up and took it. Fortunately, the manager brought it up for me, when she found it on the floor, as I was not notified of the delivery by the driver.