Paired with a large image from the trip, it helps give a sense of what the ride is all about. The quote, “Adventure riding on steroids,” uses edgy, casual language to directly appeal to their motorcycle-riding audience. Write good for trade review for people you hire, and ask the right questions to get good testimonials for your own work. Dear Henneke, you played a big role in improving my writing style.

  • A testimonial is a statement from a customer explaining how much they enjoyed a product or service.
  • The first template demonstrates how a service helped improve a life—this is the most common template.
  • There is no expectation that they’ll get any information except a sales pitch.
  • Rather than directly describe Greig’s character, the testimonials use anecdotes to reveal his creativity, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail.
  • A testimonial is very similar to a referral or recommendation.

They’ve managed to combine posts from Twitter and Instagram for their social proof section to create something really cool to look at. These review sites are also brilliant as nobody forced your clients to submit a review or post, so they’re seen as truly organic and trustworthy. What’s more, only around 48% of people will use a business if they have 4 stars or less on an independent peer review site. Not only is social media a brilliant place to source testimonials, but it’s also a brilliant way to keep customers engaging with your brand online. You’ll often find quote testimonial examples on a website’s homepage and in any of their marketing materials. Thanks to their compact size, it’s easy to include a quote testimonial almost anywhere in your content without making it too distracting or ‘in-your-face’.


However, it’s important to know that more business owners are shifting to shooting more professional videos to market their products better. Most testimonials show a fairly high-level view of their clients and customers and the results they’ve achieved. Don’t bore your reader.Just like with articles and sales copy, only make your testimonial as long as it needs to be – not a word longer.


Testimonials are great, but there are other kinds of evidence we can add to our websites. Reach out with a reply immediately, thanking the person for taking the time.

Asking For Testimonials

In this video testimonial example made for Celect, a predictive analytics SaaS company, you’ll see how powerful it can be when you have varying perspectives. Video testimonials put your prospects face-to-face with a satisfied customer who is sharing how your product impacted their business. There can sometimes be something missing from static website testimonials or copy-focused testimonials on social media. By placing the call-to-action right by the testimonial, Salesforce makes it easy for the potential customer to sign up and start using the platform. Website testimonials are effective ways to nudge prospects toward purchasing or signing up to demo your product. The Wix website builder offers a complete solution from enterprise-grade infrastructure and business features to advanced SEO and marketing tools–enabling anyone to create and grow online.

Provide a few options for your client on how they want to provide that testimonial, whether it be in video, audio, or written form. Don’t make the entire story about your company.Weave quotes and results into the story but focus on the transformation the client went through. Combine Forex.If you use a peer, success story, or influencer testimonial in the form of a video, this becomes gold. We relate to others much better through video so don’t be afraid to combine testimonial types with video. It acts as both a testimonial for the service they’re providing as well as social proof to let readers know that other people are diggin’ what Canva is doing. For this, Canva has used testimonials from not just one platform, but TWO.

Testimonial Page Examples

Faces will make your more personal, more real. I’m writing to ask if you wouldn’t mind giving us a short testimonial for our website. We’re updating a few pages, and I’m hoping to add something from you. It would link back to your site, so it’s actually a good thing for your SEO. We have covered the basics of “How to Ask” for testimonials but there are five effective ways of receiving testimonials from your clients. No matter who you are, if you’re a human being with an email address, your inbox is probably inundated with messages on any given day. So if you want your valued customers to actually read your email — let alone submit a testimonial — you need to give them a reason to say yes.

In this case, pictures serve as better than words — but BioClarity still uses both. On its results page, visitors can see photo collages of customers before and after using the product, as well as enthusiastic videos and words of recommendation — all in a soothing green theme. Slack’s customer testimonials are under a section they’ve called “Customer Stories,” highlighting an individual company per post. If you have celebrities or influencers within their community, be sure to include and even highlight their testimonials on your page.

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Now that you’ve had a few weeks to try the product, we’d love to know what you think. You can click this link to share some of your thoughts about using that we might feature on our website.

When one has developed a career with defined expertise, should not mention personality traits like “bubbly” or “pleasant,” which have nothing to do with how actual work gets done. It is expected, at that time, that anyone in the work environment be pleasant and professional — but testimonials speak to much more than those basic traits. In B2C marketing, testimonials are provided by consumers. Whenever someone comments on Facebook or tweets about her workshop, she screenshots it and shares it on her own social media.

However, you can take positive reviews and turn them into for your business. What we love most about this testimonial is that we get to learn about JazzHR’s client, Kiip, before we even discover why they love JazzHR so much.