Results showed that people influenced by peer pressure place a greater emphasis on the testimonial than on the attribute information. In contrast, people who ignore the opinions of others are more influenced by attribute information.

This can be a highly beneficial and powerful example of how your business serves well-known people in your industry. These days, it’s not too much work to create a compelling video testimonial. The YouTube Video fibogroup review Builder tool is a free and easy way to get high-quality, professional-looking content that links back to your page and increases sales. Keep an eye out for brand mentions on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Video Testimonials

CodeAcademy is an excellent example of a company using interviews to get the full story from their students. The main page shows a video of a student being interviewed, then each thumbnail takes you to a longer, written interview about why and how that student got into coding. A great interview testimonial example will draw the reader/listener/watcher into the conversation and story. It will detail how the client came across your service, what problem you solved for them, and what happened when they bought from you .

No matter what anyone says, testimonials always have – and always will be – a great example of how a story can increase sales. By letting customers know what they get when working with you and what to expect from a real customer’s perspective, they can feel more confident in their decision to go ahead. You can also take quotes from these testimonials to use in written copy, with an image and link to the recording. Audio, therefore, is a great and cost-effective way to create a compelling customer testimonial with just a microphone, recording software, and a quiet space.

  • I asked question #2 because it gave me the option to write a testimonial based on the objection-busting template (template #2 above).
  • Now, I’d like to empower you to find your voice, share your ideas and inspire your audience.
  • After a lineup of speakers — including pastors, city officials and law enforcement leaders — Chang’s short testimonial hit home for many, commanding a standing ovation from the audience of about 150.
  • The third part describes why she was happy taking the leap—she liked the structure and the watch-listen-write format of the course.
  • Getting the right influencers on-board can take a bit of commitment.

If that happens, go back and ask them whether they can explain what exactly they meant or whether they can give an example of how exactly their writing skills improved. If you simply ask clients for a testimonial, it’s unlikely the testimonial will be as effective as the examples discussed in this article. A testimonial is a statement from a customer explaining how much they enjoyed a product or service. Powerful testimonial are more like miniature stories, sharing the experience of a service or product and giving reasons why other should consider buying, too. This article provides a mini-course on using fibogroup review to add credibility and boost your persuasiveness so you can sell more. Research by Martin, Wentzel and Tomczak found that the effectiveness of testimonials depends on the degree to which consumers are influenced by normative pressure and the quality of the product features highlighted.

Testimonials Are A Powerful Selling Tool

Testimonials from customers who are not famous have been effectively used in marketing for as long as marketing has existed. A past or current customer will present a formal “word of mouth” testimonial that a business can use in marketing and to build trust with future customers. Testimonials are incredibly effective when believed to be true, but a challenge is having the audience believe that testimonials presented by a business are given by real people, not fabricated by the business itself. Even so, testimonials, reviews, and case studies are still considered by most marketing experts to be the most effective means of marketing and gaining brand trust by small- and medium-sized businesses. You could even ask influencers to write a blog post for their own website that reviews your product or services, plus the tips they learned through working with you. This gets your business in front of even more readers and prospective target clients.


Vashem researchers and officials provided conflicting accounts about whether there was any link between the donation and the testimonial. In his testimonial, the former principal of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Ty Thompson, addressed the reopening of the school following the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting that killed 17 people and injured 17 others.

Best Testimonial Examples You Can Use

Instagram especially has increasingly been useful in distributing fibo group reviews on products and places. It is done by making use of the tagging feature that directly links to the original brand or the particular location that the picture was taken. Moreover, the description of the pictures are also used to write either the review or sentences that complements the product or place. Users with a large number of followers are commonly targeted for endorsement deal requests that aims to create these testimonial posts, where in return, the user receives commission for ‘advertising’ the place or product. However, it can only be called an endorsement deal when the company or label contacts the user directly to create such testimonial post, and the user receives commission. This is becoming a trend in Indonesia, especially amongst users with at least one thousand followers, where some are now known for posting pictures with advertising purposes. These review sites are also brilliant as nobody forced your clients to submit a review or post, so they’re seen as truly organic and trustworthy.

How To Request A Customer Testimonial

The Federal Trade Commission found that in US businesses, an alarming number of Forex were in fact fictitious and misleading. In December 2009, they introduced a new set of rules governing testimonials. Companies from the private sector have begun to offer testimonial verification services to help consumers verify the authenticity of displayed testimonials. Not only is social media a brilliant place to source testimonials, but it’s also a brilliant way to keep customers engaging with your brand online. Putting a face to your customer testimonials is arguably the most effective bit of content marketing you can do.

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Right from module one I started to incorporate Henneke’s teachings into everything I wrote. Without much effort my communication became clearer, more to the point and hence a lot more effective. The third part describes why she was happy taking the leap—she liked the structure and the watch-listen-write format of the course. This template works well as a selling tool because if you’ve hesitated to buy, there’ll be others who hesitated for the same reason. By showing why you went ahead and why you’re glad you did, you help take away that same objection with others. It feels authentic—the testimonial writer even admits they’d like to do even better. Yet, over 5 decades later, are still one of the most underused sales tactics online.