Including stats and figures absolutely takes more work, and a consciousness throughout a project and campaign in order to track and obtain the figures. It may entail asking for screenshots, or asking other colleagues to share data. But it’s very much worth it if you/your company want to sell services based on facts as well as feelings.

  • Audio, therefore, is a great and cost-effective way to create a compelling customer testimonial with just a microphone, recording software, and a quiet space.
  • One of your colleagues will have to be the interviewer, and remember to come prepared with a list of questions.
  • Client testimonials are fundamental to convincing people to buy your products or use your services.
  • Once they’ve said yes, go overboard with the thank you so they know how much you appreciate the effort they’re putting in for your business.
  • The details in this testimonial example help you envision what it’s like to work with me.

So, there’s clearly something about faces that we humans like. We want to share customer success stories with [PRODUCT/SERVICE] on our website, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in being featured in a testimonial. You can follow this link to submit a written or video testimonial. As a token of thanks, I’ll send you a gift card for a cup of coffee, on . Nowadays, some designers also add testimonial carousels in the signup process to gain trust and encourage them to explore more about the product or service. This template just incorporates a testimonial carousel into the signup form. It would be a nice tool to help you create your own if you get similar design ideas.

Why Do You Need A Testimonial Section Or Page?

If the quote is enough to attain visitors, you may still click the video button to view the whole story of the customer. If the quotes are attractive to the visitor, they can click through to see a whole video by that customer. This gives the design layers and while simple, also provides effective persuasion to new visitors, whichever media type attracts them – quotes, images, or videos.

Xero’s testimonial page is beautifully designed and extremely user-friendly. It features detailed biographies of its customers and really makes you feel connected to their stories. Visitors can also click on andthe reviews page to read in-depth product reviews from real customers from the results page. In this case, pictures serve as better review forex than words — but BioClarity still uses both. On its results page, visitors can see photo collages of customers before and after using the product, as well as enthusiastic videos and words of recommendation — all in a soothing green theme.

Bootstrap 5 Testimonial

You can click this link to share some of your thoughts about using that we might feature on our website. You can use these tried-and-true email templates no matter what relationship you have with your customers. Whichever outcome, you’ll get a positive result that will generate new customers. Applan is a modern HTML5/CSS3 app landing page template that has a cartoon-style testimonial carousel. It is fully customizable and well-organized to meet your design needs. So, when designing your testimonial page, make sure to personalize your titles and words, and try to make your words resonate with your background. This Anton Testimonial showcases its testimonial in a more spacious manner, putting a premium on the photo of the user giving the testimonial.

In this video testimonial example made for Celect, a predictive analytics SaaS company, you’ll see how powerful it can be when you have varying perspectives. Video testimonials put your prospects face-to-face with a satisfied customer who is sharing how your product impacted their business. There can sometimes be something missing from static website testimonials or copy-focused testimonials on social media. By placing the call-to-action right by the testimonial, Salesforce makes it easy for the potential customer to sign up and start using the platform. Website testimonials are effective ways to nudge prospects toward purchasing or signing up to demo your product. The Wix website builder offers a complete solution from enterprise-grade infrastructure and business features to advanced SEO and marketing tools–enabling anyone to create and grow online.

Most people only scan websites, and few visitors make it to a triumph fx reviews page. This is why you want compelling testimonials sprinkled throughout your site to solidify your marketing messages.


The quote testimonial is the granddaddy of all testimonials, and likely the first example you thought of. It’s been used for as long as testimonials have been alive and remains the most common type of testimonial today. Remember that you will need to make it clear if you’re paying someone to submit a review, whether this is a blog post or any other type of content on your website or theirs. Getting influencers to share their trusted name and image with your business provides an extra layer of trustworthiness and credibility to your brand. A great interview testimonial example will draw the reader/listener/watcher into the conversation and story.

Elements Of A Powerful Testimonial

You’ll want to use this email after you’ve been in direct contact with your customer for a while. It’s effective because you’ll be striking the iron while it’s still hot. You’ve achieved something together; the next natural step is to share that with other potential customers. When you ask for a testimonial, you can let them know you’ll be providing a backlink and pushing out the testimonial via your social media channels. This sort of publicity may win you a “yes” when you’re requesting testimonials. What your customers say can impact the effectiveness of the testimonial on your prospects. By posing effective testimonial questions, you’re challenging your customer to get closer to the heart of why they’re satisfied with your service.

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In other words, we first get a clear picture of a business that uses JazzHR for its hiring process. We discover that JazzHR’s client base includes triumph fx reviews exceptional, value-driven businesses. We learn that their recruiting software lets their clients hold tight to their company values.

Huge companies in other industries use success story Forex as well. We’ve used them in the AppSumo Partners page, which then links to a blog post. Don’t limit these to just text.Read off testimonials in your YouTube videos or at the beginning of your podcast or sales videos to jumpstart that social proof.

Social media & influencer testimonials – The stories of renowned or famous persons and companies make your testimonials easy and quick to trust. So, many web designers also directly cite their testimonials from social media experts, industry influencers and renowned companies to encourage potential buyers to take action. Our team of over 450+ marketing experts is ready to help you obtain and post customer testimonials. With over 1,020 client testimonials, you can feel confident we’ll help you manage your reputation. Customer testimonials are recommendations of your brand from current clients or customers that talk about how your product or service benefitted them. These recommendations are always positive and shed light on the customers’ experience with your brand.