from customers who are not famous have been effectively used in marketing for as long as marketing has existed. A past or current customer will present a formal “word of mouth” testimonial that a business can use in marketing and to build trust with future customers. Slack uses individual testimonials to highlight key product features and how the customer used them — a genius way to give a product tour while also letting happy customers sing your praises. In addition, each review features a quote that summarizes how Slack helped the customer’s business. From each blurb, visitors can click to learn more about the specifics of that customer case study to get even more insights. Rather than ask for customer reviews, the company lifted the quote directly from TripAdvisor.


From those, focus on one example testimonial that’s persuaded you to become a customer. If you’ve added value for your clients, chances are they’ll be more than happy to help you do the same for new customers. Embedding tweets lets your leads click right to the person’s account. Seeing real testimonials from real people is a great way to establish trust among your leads. For small- and medium-sized businesses, testimonials are one of the most effective marketing techniques.

How To Start Getting More Testimonials For Your Business

Did you know that Squarespace powers millions of websites across hundreds of industries? Well, if you head over their customer testimonial page you can get all the details and more.

With a video testimonial, though, you can highlight your entire experience with the company. By seeing customer quotes and compelling from a real person on Facebook or Twitter, a prospective customer will understand the value the company provides. Placing customer testimonials side-by-side product pages helps put them in context, while portraying the products in a favorable light. This is particularly effective if the testimonial mentions any one product specifically. The featured images of soothing nature scenes depict neither Dara’s customers nor her services, yet they’re highly effective. Thanks to the visuals and soothing website color scheme, users immediately de-stress and feel a sense of relaxation, which is precisely what Dara’s counseling service aims to achieve. The client testimonials also serve to reinforce the list of acceptances, making the list more believable.

  • Statistics aren’t the only way to add details to a testimonial.
  • Seeing how the decision to go ahead with your services benefitted others in their same shoes is an excellent way to provide a real-life application to whatever you’re offering.
  • Another option is to simply write a short testimonial yourself and ask the contact to revise it, as needed.
  • Use your website testimonials to highlight specific use cases of your product.

Website Forex have enormous power in converting prospective customers, so it’s important you harness their full potential by implementing them thoughtfully and strategically. They’re much more powerful when they share something specific.

How Do Marketing Leaders Get Customers To Do Testimonials?

Huge companies in other industries use success story as well. We’ve used them in the AppSumo Partners page, which then links to a blog post.


In the example below, they did a series of interviews with some of their users about how they started out and how Oberlo paid a part in their success. When you jump to his page, you’ll notice that video testimonials fill the entire page. Video testimonials are one of the most trustworthy forms of testimonial because it’s difficult to fake one that looks authentic. Drill down on your customer persona.Who are you specifically trying to reach? Make sure it’s crystal clear so you know whom to ask for testimonials.

Backlinko is one of the biggest websites that offer SEO and backlinking services and having the founder as an ambassador will move many readers to give Ahrefs a try. The testimonial introduces the reader to someone they can empathize with. This testimonial has a link to a blog post that further promotes the business. The best testimonials paint a picture with words so readers can understand the value of purchasing from you.

Apple created a video that shares exness broker review about their Apple Watch. To take it a step further, Hello Fresh even attributes the reviews to a trusted third-party website, so people can feel confident the reviews are authentic. When someone investigates your products or services, it’s because they have a need and want to fulfill it.

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Wrap up your testimonial.Remember to look at what you’ve received and make any changes if necessary so that it shows you and your product in a better light. Keep your documentary visually interesting.Take a good look at your ideas, subject, and the people you’re featuring to see if all of them fit well together. With his camera crew, Bryan visited three of his former students at their homes and went ahead documenting their experience in his course. Have a theme.Jeremy and Jason from the Internet Business Mastery podcast presented a theme to their listeners and academy members to speak on. The Brainy Business used their five-year anniversary as the talking point.

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SalesFolk also includes a text excerpt from their testimonial to the left of the video. Videos are a powerful tool for businesses because they exness broker review allow you to offer both multimedia and great copy at the same time. These are the four most essential characteristics of a great testimonial.

Ahrefs Customer Quotes

Anyone can write their own, so it’s important your audience knows they’re from real customers. Make sure your testimonials are written in a believable customer voice. Also provide the customers’ full name, their business’s website and logo if applicable, and photos of them using the product to add authenticity and credibility. Experiment with different testimonial formats to see which are most effective in converting website visitors into customers. Feel free to use a combination of customer quotes, videos, case studies, social media screenshots, and more, and A/B test different types. There are plenty of ready-made testimonial features you can use on your site.

Make It Specific

You can call the page “Testimonials,” “Reviews,” “Our Customers,” or something more creative. The testimonial box also grabs the user’s attention with its illustrated vector art. The images feel hand-drawn, making the brand feel wholesome and homemade. The beautiful illustrations, revealed using a parallax scrolling effect, frame the text and help draw more attention to it. Motorcycle tour agency Hearts and Tears uses a short customer quote in promoting an upcoming tour. Paired with a large image from the trip, it helps give a sense of what the ride is all about.