These traits make video a formidable force in content marketing. Consumers of all industries love videos; they want to see your product or service in action. That is why visual content, such as video, is so effective. You can also use lightspeed review their replies for case studies and wow your blog readers. Also, if you’re selling a product, you can use real-time live-action as social proof. Live-action shows that people are purchasing your products and paying for your services.

Here the company HiFi Spin uses a TrustPulse notification to send users to a help form. Another way you can grab the attention of users and ask for testimonials is by adding notifications to your site. You can follow this step-by-step guide on how to create a yes/no popup to get started. While you might be aware that you can use OptinMonster to create email newsletter signup forms to grow your email list, you can also use it to get more testimonials.

Testimonials: Harness The Voice Of Existing Customers

Testimonials are so common because they help convert readers into customers. Heatmap behavior report can show you where the most activity happens on a given page. You can also look at scroll maps to see where people stop and start scrolling on a page. This information allows you to place customer testimonials in critical areas. If you can leverage human psychology and behavior for your business, why not take advantage? As long as you solicit legitimate customer testimonials, you’re on the white-hat side of the marketing game.

  • Whatever the case, start asking for testimonials now.
  • You won’t get a testimonial from everyone who buys from you, but the assumption is often that a business with more testimonials has more customers.
  • If your company has been gaining decent press reviews, you might also consider featuring snippets from these testimonials on your homepage.
  • When potential customers see those examples, they get an idea of how to use the product in real life, giving them a nudge towards making a purchase.
  • Traditional marketing materials have been on a steady decline as digital marketing has muscled in over recent years.

Sales pitches make for the worst social media posts. Even on your Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile, where explicit promotion is tolerated, it’s better to showcase .

Make It Specific

To make audio testimonials, you don’t need an entire production crew and tons of expensive equipment. Therefore, great testimonials talk about specific benefits that product/service provides. Using statistics is an excellent way to add details to a testimonial.

In its blog, this haircare brand features transformation stories from new customers — with before and after photos to drive the point home. While customer testimonials can appear in many formats, there are still some common guidelines to follow regardless of your chosen approach. Including these elements will make your customer testimonial feel more genuine for your target audience.


You wouldn’t want to send out free products and get nothing in return. This is especially common with authors; they’ll send a free copy of their newest book to other authors or their biggest fans in exchange for a review. If you’re a blogger, you might have even had companies reach out to you offering a free product in exchange for a review on your blog. Many new bloggers or online businesses also offer a free product in exchange for an honest testimonial. Remember, testimonials can come in forms other than text.

Audio Testimonials

Design experiences tailored to your citizens, constituents, internal customers and employees. Experience iD is a connected, intelligent system for ALL your employee and customer experience profile data.

Of course, when you’ve written the testimonial, be sure to check your client is happy with how it turned out before publishing it. Others who can recognize themselves in these stories. They may be hesitating to purchase for the same reasons. I’ve just created my first post of over 3,000 words, and it didn’t feel like a daunting task. I know what to write in the closing paragraph, and I know what to put in the sections in between.

The Ultimate Guide To Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Frequent use of client can increase revenue by over 62%, according to Strategic Factory. A client can spend 31% more on a brand with “excellent” reviews.

Good, but before you start crafting your own customer Forex, it’s important to understand some of the best practices for designing them. In the next section, we cover key design fundamentals that you’ll want to focus on when creating customer testimonials. While getting featured by news outlets can be difficult for your business to achieve, the payoff can result in thousands of new leads flocking to your website.

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