Visitors will see and recognize a logo faster than they’ll read the words, and the visual impact of having recognized company logos can be very powerful. The Fusebox homepage features a few different testimonials in a carousel, and the first one is from John Lee Dumas. There’s a nice photo included to mae it hard for visitors to miss. ” praise is nice but doesn’t really let others know what specifically you did or what the results were that merited such feedback. Zendesk’s callouts.It’s clear that Zendesk has gone to great lengths to create a comprehensive set of case studies from clients, big and small. It’s actually quite a testament to the quality of their product that they’ve worked with so many well-known brands and helped each of them succeed in their goals.

The BigCommerce homepage includes a testimonial near the bottom of the page. It includes a brief quote, a photo, a link to a video of the customer’s story, and a link to a text version of their case study, including some impressive stats. The case study shows a 30% increase in conversion rate in just two months with BigCommerce. Shopify’s homepage features a testimonial with a large photo, brief quote, and a link to a video that shares the story of the customer. The video is really well done and does a great job of communicating what’s possible with the help of Shopify.

Steps To Creating Testimonials That Drive Sales And Don’t Suck

This is a great example of a testimonial page that showcases the brand’s value. In this case, pictures serve as better Forex than words — but BioClarity still uses both. Slack’s customer testimonials are under a section they’ve called “Customer Stories,” highlighting an individual company per post. If you have celebrities or influencers within their community, be sure to include and even highlight their testimonials on your page. Finally, in the theme of earning trust, we love that mHelpDesk closes out its testimonial page with awards and badges of recognition.


You may add any of these pages to your site’smenufor visitors to view your Be sure to swap the words in bold with your real site address and the appropriate slug. Testimonials are ordered by the date they’re created, with the most recent testimonial displayed first. If you wish to change the order, you can adjust the date the testimonial was published. You can add UGC Instagram feeds to WordPress’s product pages using the instructions on this post on how to embed your Instagram feed to your website. You don’t need to get a separate account at Shopify to do this.

Use Video And Candid Images

But it’s a great way to collect more reviews of your business. You won’t get a testimonial from everyone who buys from you, but the assumption is often that a business with more www finam com review has more customers.

  • For example, one of your blog readers might send you an email letting you know how much they enjoy your content and how helpful your tips have been for them.
  • The team always takes time to fully understand the scope of the project and does not over-commit in terms of time or technical outcomes.
  • To better understand the effectiveness of consumer testimony, let us consider a few testimonial statistics.
  • Testimonials and case studies that make the customer the star will lead the visitor to think about what he or she might be able to do with your product or service.
  • SeedProd offers a number of templates and has pre-made blocks like images, videos, star ratings, and more, that you can use to quickly create a beautiful testimonials page.

Testimonial videos not only help increase conversions, they’re also a way to forge strong connections with current customers. In the wake of GDPR, it’s not as straightforward as it once was to create a testimonials page. Whether you’re based in the U.S. or Europe there are various legal hurdles you’ll need to negotiate, as SEO guru Neil Patel outlines here. The main takeaway is to always, always, always get the written permission of the reviewer before using their testimonial. If your company has been gaining decent press reviews, you might also consider featuring snippets from these testimonials on your homepage. Subscription shaving service Harry’s add some serious clout to their typically no-fuss homepage with testimonials from big-hitting media outlets, like GQ and The Telegraph.

Close Deals Faster With Video Testimonials For All Key Buyer Personas

Whether you like it or not, your social media channels will naturally capture customer testimonials. Social media offers instant relief for customers who have strong opinions about a product or service. Omisend’s homepage includes several customer testimonials near the bottom of the site’s homepage.

The Comprehensive Guide To Google Customer Reviews

Go toSettings → Writing → Content Types, uncheck the option, save your changes, and then re-check the Testimonials option and save your changes again. If you don’t already seeTestimonials in your list of options in the left sidebar of your dashboard, go toSettings → Writing → Content Typesand turn on theTestimonialsoption. Manage the permission request and web implementation process all from the Delighted platform — no extra email, design, or development resources necessary. The solution can be to show a thumbnail instead of a video – a regular image linked to an actual video. Shopping cart abandonment is a real problem for eCommerce stores, resulting in lost sales and a lot of money left on the table. That’s what The Chandeliers did by importing testimonials from their Facebook page using our Reviews extension. You can just follow these instructions for adding an Instagram gallery feed to your WordPress website.

This testimonial example works because it allows prospective customers to see themselves in Codeacademy’s current customer base. You’ll find users of all ages and backgrounds using and succeeding with Codeacademy — meaning that the product is for you regardless of your background in the discipline. The brand uses both video and written formats to deliver its message to prospects. While getting featured by news outlets can be difficult for your business to achieve, the payoff can result in thousands of new leads flocking to your website. If your company is lucky enough to obtain this type of publicity, feed its success by sharing any related content on your website, blog, and social media pages. For growing companies, getting your business featured in the news is a big feat. Nowadays, being on the news means that millions of people can potentially see your product or service, which can significantly improve brand awareness.

Press Review Testimonials

If you want visitors to trust you, then you need to give them solid proof of it. There’s no better way to do that than by showing them what others have to say. There are so many ways you can be creative with testimonials on a website nowadays, thanks to plugins. So, there’s no need to rely on antiquated full-page layouts of testimonial after testimonial, inconsistently written or designed. The key is to focus on how the customer has changed — both in concrete and emotional ways. This allows you to tell a compelling story of their transformation.

Change Content Orientation

If you are considering an overseas partner for a software development project, I would highly recommend Alex and his team. While creating www finam com review the concept for my new game, Diamond Duels, I was recommended to AltexSoft from someone that had used them on a project of their own.